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              File photo of Zambia Police

On 20 August, 2020 it was a day when Zambian Government surprised the public as it was handing over Ant-Riot Equipments and weapons to Police as reported by our Correspondant based in Lusaka.

Speaking at the Handing-over ceremony that held at Lilayi Police College, The Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo said that only criminals should be stressed up that the government has procured such equipments adding that this should instead make peace and loving Zambian people happy.                 
We are not going be shaken by armchair critics who are hell-bent on condemning every piece of development that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Government is doing in National’s interest because for us at Home Affairs the Peace and security of this nation is of paramount added the Minister.
Hon Kampyongo said that Government will continue to equip and modernize the police Service so that peace and harmony should over-flow in this nation where everyone can regard Zambia as Country to make investment without fears of criminal activities.
Equipments just procured include: armoured and horse carrier vehicles, water cannons, ambulances, crime scene investigation vehicles, dog carrier, recovery motor vehicles and other assorted Ant-Riot Tear-gas rifles.
 Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja commented by thanking the Government and President Lungu for their continued support to the Police Service department.

Photo during previous demostrations

This development comes in as the most people in Zambia are dying in hospitals without proper medication and also many youths are struggling in poverty commented opposition party on separate interviews.
Continued saying Zambia has things to be prioritized not the Ant-Riot equipments whilst it’s people are dying of hunger.

“The President Lungu is being accused of Corruption and his Government not abiding by the rule of law”, ramented a citizen who said that his name should not be revealed.

The Zambians are preparing for General Elections to be held in 2021 where incumbent President Edgar Lungu is seeking a second term in the top office.

During handing over ceremony

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