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Basing on information our Correspondant Esau Zyabu in Kampala capital city of Uganda gothered, says the government has finally confirmed that the new variant was different from the previous one and with same characters with the one in India.

It is reported that the first person tested positive of the virus on 26 March 2021. The person is currently getting special treatment at the National referral Hospital in Kampala.

The country also recorded variants of people from South Africa, United Kingdom and Nigeria. This is the first case to be confirmed to have come from Indian visitor who just arrived in the country.

India is currently in very hard times as the virus is all over the cities. People are dying in Car Parks, On the roads and in their homes up to the extent government ordered that the dead bodies should be just be burned.

“We are working on putting much emphasis now to make sure the preventive measures and massive testings to be done on our borders and Airports”, said Dr Pontiano Kaleebu who is Executive Director of Health in the Ugandan territory.

He also said that the government early this year procured 840, 000 Covid-19 Vaccines from AstraZeneca and  only about 310,000 has now been administered. 

The government firstly targeted the Frontline Health workers, all people working in the Hospitals and in the Education Sector.

This is a second wave of the pandemic as it is much deadly and many lives have been lost than before around the globe.

Countries like Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom uncounted figures have lost their lives and including those who already got their jabs.

This is like a woke up call to the African Nations as the virus is not giving much space and it needs everyone to be careful with whatever is being done.

Mr Ezekiel Mbangu a Ugandan citizen in an interview said that it would be fair enough for the African governments to put out restriction measures rather than to wait for the disease to be reported.

Despite the reports announced by the government the Businesses are still running as usual as the Government is yet to make it’s next steps on handling the situation.

This Indian variant reported in Uganda is first case to be confirmed positive on the whole continent of Africa.

Covid-19 since it was firstly reported in Wuhan China in the month of December 2019 spread all over the the continents in 2020. This time China is normal and despite it’s neighbor India is struggling it is not yet affected and no new reports of Covid-19 have been published.

It was in 2020 Chinese government took a step of spraying disinfectants across the country and people stayed in their Houses for the period of two weeks since then there have been safe from Covid-19 pandemic.

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