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No US Visa to Uganda

General elections were held in Uganda on 14 January 2021 to elect the President and the Parliamentarians. The Electoral Commission announced Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled the country over 35 years now the winner. Museveni who is popular called M7 by his followers started rulling the country in 1986 after the death of Idi Amin.

After the results were about to be announced several Political Leaders in Opposition side were detained and some arrested. Among them was Leader of Opposition Bob Wine who was the main rival of the current president.

Wine was locked in his house without food for more than three days and was denied even to meet his Lawyers. His house was surrounded by the Army and Police and nobody was allowed around the area of his residence.

Soon after Wine was left free he went to the High Court of Uganda to challenge the results claiming that he won the Elections.

Whilst the opposition was challenging the Elections the international Community also reported that the elections were not conducted fairly as many things were done by rulling government and not the Electoral body of Uganda.

On the other side the government of America whilst showing unsatisfaction on how the Elections were handled announced measures and restrictions on the US Visa applications by the Ugandans and it still enforced till now. It will be tough now for more Uganda people to travel to America.

The government of America through the Secretary of State confirmed through BBC that the restrictions are placed specifically on the people involved in mismanaging the Elections during and even before the Elections were conducted.r

Time when Ugandans were on Queues
 for USA Visas Application sometimes back

Currently the Ugandan people are crying as the visa process now is not as simple was before.

Despite many accusations the incumbent President is not shaken and does not show any sign whether to retire from Politics soon. Museveni is currently nearly 77 years old.

Some hidden information has been revealed by some insiders from the rulling government that the president Museveni is planning to leave the country in the hands of his son when he retires in the next five years to come.

At the moment Uganda is peaceful and no signs of instability though the opposition is still organizing themselves of the next way to follow as there are no hopeful results from the grevances they presented in the courts of that Land.

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