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Loaded Freightliner in Tanzania

Worldwide various projects are taking place during day and night times. Especially in the developed countries like China, United States of America, Germany, Japan and Canada.

Africa is labeled as the developing Region where most Activities and projects are below the standard line of developments in the world.

In past 2 decades Africa depended much on Trains as a tool to facilitate it’s developmental activities across the continent.

Later, this has been replaced by Road transportation. In African they have five most common vehicles that are used to accelerate it’s Business. These cars are approved because their accessibility, serviceability, and affordability.

The first type of car commonly used across African Continent is Toyota Model min truck. This is popularly known as Toyota Dyna which is made in Japan. It’s a three toner truck or less and it’s easy to move items cheaply and also very easy to manage.

The other vehicle model is Freightliner Trucks. These trucks are made from America-Colombia. They are easy to manage and long lasting. They also carry more goods to various places. They replaced the train mode of transportation due to Political Will’s and changes to the Geographical environment.

Scania trucks is another model commonly found in Southern and Eastern regions of Africa. They are loved because they are long lasting, they are easy to service and the spare parts are commonly found. This is model Company invented in European Continent.

The fourth type is Mitsubishi company with Canter type of truck. The Canter is heavily used in East Africa. People love it for its power whilst on its duties. This model was invented in Japan as well by Mitsubishi Motors.

The last on our list Howo Truck models made in China. This company is known much on its Tipers and other models commonly found in construction companies. The pricing is also affordable compared to other models. These are highly used in Western Africa and Eastern Africa.

You can not carry out a project without these models of vehicles in Africa. You have idea to invest in Africa, bear in mind about these types of the vehicles to incorporate in your project and you will never be disappointed.

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