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Tanzania is a beautiful and Largest Country in Area and size in East Africa. It is about 3, 000 kilometers in it’s length and about 2,700 kilometers in it’s width. It also has beautiful Islands surrounding it in the name of Zanzibar.

Tanzania is bordering almost 10 countries and these are: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, DR Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Commoros Islands.

There are a number of factors to consider before visiting Tanzania. Generally Tanzania is a peaceful country regardless it is neighboring Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo countries which are famous with Terrorism and wars.

The first most important thing to note is the Language. Most people in Tanzania speak Swahili, and Kipale. There are some areas like in Tabora Region some villagers do not even understand or speak Swahili. So it is good to know the area you are going and what language is used there as everything is possible with Communication.

Secondly you should know their currency. Tanzania uses Shilling as their currency. This is somehow confusing as about 3 countries use Shilling as their money but with different features. Kenya and Uganda also use Shilling as their Currency. It is necessary to make proper arrangements in terms of money in order not to live out of your budget. Generally things like clothes, Food and Hotel Charges are very cheap.

Personal security is also of paramount if you are traveling by Bus or private vehicle. On the most roads of Tanzania pass through jungles or Game Reserves which has dangerous animals like Hyenas, Lions, Elephants and Leopards even Anacondas. Towns are far apart from each other so it is necessary to know your mapping tightly so that you should never stop in the midst of jungles as many lives have been lost due to the said animals which are moving anywhere. Make sure to check your tanks before leaving a town to another town and also buy food.

You should also be aware of Immigration procedures of Tanzania. It not common to accept corruption so you should follow all right procedures. The Visas are easily accessed even at the Borders or upon arrival at the Airports. But if you are from Eastern world like China, make sure to apply before arrival unless if it’s just a temporary visiting like for two or three days only. Tanzania Visas are as well at considerable amount starting from $50 to about $10,000 depending with what you want to do in the country.

We were looking at the points to consider before moving to Tanzania. Tanzania is large, beautiful and has all necessities everybody may wish to have in life. Ranging from Airplanes, Boats, Ships, Trains, and even the popular Mwendokasi (fastest bus that ferry people fast all over Darsalam no need to worry about traffic).

Currently has sworn in a new President in the name of Samia Suluhu Hassan after the President Magufuli died of Cardiac arrest on 16 March, 2021.

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