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Today African News Magazine wants to talk especially to you; Drivers, Car owners, Car Hirers and more in Africa and entire world.

Driving a car it’s beautiful, enjoyable and pleasing thing in life when people see it’s you who is driving inside that big or beautiful and expensive car.

During Christmas and other  seasons we usually experience more Road Accidents but my question is: Can we manage to minimize or avoid them completely?

My best answer: Yes we can even have no record of accident in this year’s Festive season. If we can only follow these tips.


1. Do not practice competition on the roads because nobody will pay you but you will only die and we burry you and forget you.

2. When your friends are overtaking please allow them to go rather than accelerating hard as if you are on the same journey.

*When you were leaving your home did you know you will meet that car? Answer is “no”

3. Avoid over speeding or else start your journey in time not rushing. Mr Hurry Hurry has sent many to early graves.

4. Once you are on your seat please I beg put on your belts. Traffic Officers are there not to fine you but to help you remember what is good for you. Don’t put on seet belt because you have seen them. Accident may occur before meeting the Officers, remember you will die and we burry you.

5. Don’t drink and drive. This is a common problem all over the world. Please if you drink I hope you can enjoy better at home or beer Halls or shops. 

“Be ashamed when you choose your car to be a Bottle Store”

6. To boys and girls. Please×100 avoid driving whilst kissing, caressing each other, massaging, please choose home to do that not on the road. The engine of the car and the gears are not your cousins. 

*You will die easily if you don’t follow my free and expensive advise.

7. It’s celebrating and raining season at the same time.

* Please do not drive your when it’s raining heavily. Remember it’s your car. Drivers listen to me. It’s better to loose job whilst alive than to die because of heavy rains and later the boss employ another one. We will burry you if you choose selfishness.

In short there are many I just wanted to share these most simple and crucial ones.

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