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Tanzanian hopeful opposition party Leader Tende Lissu who has been living in Belgium since the time he was shot in 2017 and has undergone more than 20 medical operations.

Despite the incident that could take his life nobody is yet behind bars a thing many organizations have been critisizing.

Whilst he was still outside the country the Tanzania Parliament declared his Parliamentary Seat vacant without any consideration and other benefits that he could have been enjoying.

He was welcomed by hundreds of supporters as he arrived at the airport in the country’s Commercial city, Dar es Salaam on 26 July, 2020.

On his return many including Human rights groups have asked the government on his safety as he is seen as the main rival to the incumbent President John Magufuli.

After the plain landed he walked towards his supporters who were chanting and praising him whilst he was waving them with cheerful face.

There were some fear of uknown  the supporters as the police had warned them about not to gather at the airport due to Corona Virus and security reasons.

Luckily Mr Lusu and all supporters left the airport peacefully and nothing strange happened.

This is a political war as President John Magufuli is seeking for the second 5 years term of the high Office of Tanzania. 

Mr T. Lusu has support as it was witnessed at his coming. Lusu has assured the country that he shall be contesting on the polls slated ahead and he is much confident of taking the mantle to be the next president.

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