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Number of confirmed cases of Corona Virus in Malawi has been drastically declining. This caused the government of Malawi to decide on re-opening it’s schools.

This announcement was made by the government through its Educational Minister Honorable Agnes Nyalongwe MP during mid August in a Press Conference that was held in the city of Lilongwe, a Malawi’s Capital.

On the the list of announcements were that that the first to open their classes will be those of Standard Eight, Form Four and those doing final year in colleges and universities of Malawi because they will be preparing for examinations.

The Minister also made it clear that together with the Ministry of Health that that period will be like a window period to see how the schools’ managements are containing the pandemic.

Both parents and students were joyful upon hearing the good news.

In a mixed reactions other parties and Associations disagree with the government decisions by announcing it all without making consultations with them.

These including Teachers’ Union of Malawi (TUM).

Mr Charles Kumchenga is the General Secretary of TUM and has reacted to the government’s decision of re-opening schools saying they will open but there will be no teachers present in classes.

TUM is urguing that government did announcement with consulting them and this made the teachers to write a letter addressing their concerns and contributions.

Mr Charles Kumchenga
Teachers Union of Malawi
General Secretary

Among other issues teachers want to be addressed are that government should assure them that the hand-sanitizers will be available in each and every classrooms for both teachers and learners to use.

Secondly government should assure them that the risk allowances will be made available to support them during this trying time of pandemic.

Other sectors getting risk allowances are those working in hospitals this Doctors and Nurses as they gave the pandemic directly when treating the patients.

When we were writing this news the government of Malawi through Covid-19 pandemic Special Committee and the Ministry of Education together with the Teachers Union of Malawi representatives had started meeting at the Capital Hill which the heart of Malawi.

When they met during first time they heard part of the teachers concerns and they expected to meet again before end of this week in order to make a right way to go.

After these meetings it’s when it will be communicated officially on a confirmation whether the re-opening of schools calendar will be in realistic or just mare dreams.

But on the other side government through spokesman of Ministry of Education assured both parents and their children that should remain calm as everything will be handled amicably.

Various local Radio Stations including private owned ones had several programs programs aired to hear out views from the Public on their take when the schools in case fail to re-open.

What was gathered at Capital FM Radio it was that most people have much confidence that the schools will be re-opened because they don’t have clues when the Covid-19 pandemic will end.

So far no any other violent reactions like demostrations have taken place.

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