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Former President Peter Mutharika
Malawi Government

Sour waters are still flowing to the Malawi Former President who tend to be a Professor of law who during his tenure was faulted in many areas of his Leadership.

Basing on the reports by our Journalist in Lilongwe Malawi, Byson Chimera says things have turned upside down for the former Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika who just lost General elections whilst rulling in 2020.

The reports say, in 2020 when there was a case of Elections in the constitutional Court of Malawi which was heard by a panel of 5 Judges led by Justice Hirly Potani this former president connived with the Former Chief Secretary to the office of the President and Cabinet Justice Loyd Muhara to send the Chief Justice Nyirenda to holiday pending retirement before constitutional period in the files.

This move was challenged in Court by Civil Rights Leaders and Human rights Defenders Coalition then led by Mr Timothy Mtambo who is currently awarded as the Minister of Civic Education and National Unity. This ministry was just created to fit him as before there was no such a post.

After Peter Mutharika lost Presidential Elections, the Association of Magistrates and the Civil Rights Leaders went to Court to sue him and his Chief Secretary with an offense of Abuse of Office.

Then the judgement went in favour of the Complainants who are the Judges, Civil Societies and the Association of Magistrates.

Partly Judgement stated that the two who are President Mutharika and Muhara to suffer all the pennies that were spent during Court processions and monies me at to pay the Lawyers.

The amount was mentioned to be Mk69, 507, 407 which is about $90,000 based on the exchange rates.

The two managed to pay amount of Mk47, 437, 125 (about $57,000) put of the total and balance remaining to be Mk22, 070, 335.

Copy of Court Order

The two have failed to finish the balance and the High Court of Malawi on 4 May, 2021 ordered and gave powers to Agent to execute the order. 

The Sheriffs were given powers to go and confiscate goods in the homes of the two said people for failing to honor the first judgement as the agreed period ended already.

Currently there have not been any comment from the two victims and the order is to be executed by next 21 days to come if the concerned people will still be unable to finalize the balance.

Last year in the month of September the Government through Ant-Corruption Bereau frozen the bank accounts of the same Former President as he was involved in various cases that squandered Billions of Money from the government into their personal use.

He notably mentioned in a popular case of Cement Gate where over 2,500 trucks loaded of cement entered into their country without paying Customs to the Tax Collecting body called Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)

Peter Mutharika is currently enjoying his retirement in the city of Mangochi in the Eastern Region of the Country.

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