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President Lazarus Chakwera-Malawi
Develivering SONA

Came Friday the 4th of September, 2020 when the fifth President of the Republic of Malawi Doctor Lazarus M Chakwera opened Parliamentary deliberations by giving his State of National Address (SONA).

It was a bright day when all government departments and local and international organizations showed up on the day to witness the speech. More especially to follow the contains of the SONA on whether government is planning for a better Malawi.

First to arrive at the Parliamentary Building in the City Center in Lilongwe Capital of Malawi were the owners, Honourable Members of Parliament and the Government Ministers including all heads of government’s departments.

The venue turned into dramatic setting the moment the Vice President of Republic of Malawi Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima arrived also at the venue. The Ministers including the most of Members of Parliament flocked to queue up in order to greet the second highest person of the land. This was a funny and dramatical because it has never happened in that way since history of the Republic of Malawi. Many people said it was a sign of Joy in the way the government is handling state affairs.

Dr Chakwera and VP Chilima
This was during the time of signing Tonse Alliance MOU

In his statement the President of Republic of Malawi sites a number of business that his government will ephasize to achieve during his tenure.

Some of the things made the headlines he started by saying that Poverty is Man-made thing and it will not have a room in his Administration. He will make sure that every person will either employed or get something to do as part of business so that people should live their dreams.

“My Administration so far  has recruited 76 Nutritionists across the country in order to check and end issues of Mal-Nutrition which most of Malawians are facing currently in the country,” said President Chakwera.

Another issue he stated that his Government shall make sure that government does not loose it’s funds unnecessarily as previously witnessed.
Malawi lost MK29 Billions (local currency) and $24  Millions in the period of only two years due to unfair dismissals and poor drafted contracts where the money was spent compasating the affected ones.

The government also mentioned the issues of Farming Materials subsidy. In his statement said that his Government has planned a budget where 4.5 Millions people will benefit from 2020/2021 Farming Subsidy Program (FSP). This FSP is a program where the Government subsides the prices of Farming Materials thus Hoes, Seeds and Fertilizers.

Malawi as a country has about 20 Millions people including children. It has about 5 Millions Families. In this case the FSP will cater about 85% of it’s population.

Malawi’S economy depends on farming Activities (Agriculture) as it is a country largely covered by land and 90% of it’s people depend on fareming as part of their business or employment.

Lastly the State President together with his Vice President assured the nation that they will not allow that it’s people to remain in poverty and in hunger.

In separate interviews that APN reporter in Lilongwe met Joseph Nkasala a Malawian citizen.
In the interview Mr Nkasala said there is hope in the speech and he is waiting to Malawi being transformed.

” These  people have started well and we are sure that all the promises they made during campaign period like Cheap Driving Licences and Passports will also be reduced” lamented Nkasala.

Malawi in general current situation is that is now peaceful no more demostrations, unnecessary strikes. Many people are hoping that maybe this will be a turning point for a better Malawi forever.

The speech ended by singing the National Anthem as per traditional of the land.

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