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New Chief Judge Justice Rezine Mzikamanda

It has been so difficult for African Continent where it has failed a lot on Judicial Systems where the rule of law has not been adhered to where most Politicians broke the law with their powers.

This also happened in Malawi past three years where laws were busy correcting various issues during election cases.

It was in 2020 in May, when the former president Peter Mutharika tried to send the Malawi Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda to forced leave pending retirement.

The decision was challenged in the High Court of Malawi when Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Magistrates and Judges Association, Malawi Law Society and then opposition leader who is current president Razarus Chakwera presented their petition before the court.

Later, he was saved till Justice Andrew Nyirenda reached his mandatory age limit of 65 years on 26 December, 2021. He has finally retired peacefully.

It has not taken longer time the incumbent president ha appointed new Chief Judge for the warm heart of African country.

The newly appointed Judge is Justice Rezine Mzikamanda who is also in his early 60s. This judge comes in when Malawian Courts are in disorder and crisis with justice matters and fairness.

It was on 3 January, 2022 when the Martha Chizuma who is Director General for Malawi’s embattled Ant-Corruption Bereau (ACB) obtained warrants of arrest for Minister Kenzie Msukwa who is not yet arrested as he got court order to relieve him from being arrested.

The character had puzzled many citizens as to why the law treats the poor people badly and saves the rich who squander money’s that were meant for government to buy medicine and to maintain road infrastructures.

Corruption have skyrocketed in Malawi as another 22.5 Billions Kwacha (about $32 millions) is misappropriated after in September 2020 another 6.2 Billions Kwacha (about $9.6 millions) was also misused by the political top figures.

These squanderers of the Government money meant to fight Covid-19, purchase of coronavirus vaccines and many developmental activities are yet to face the law though it shows the law is fearing to arrest the politicians.

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Portpher Potrarck March 4, 2022 - 11:47 am

Wishing a wonderful service towards Warm heart of African citizens to serve without favoritism but fairness.


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