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Victoria Falls in Zambia

Usually when people talk of the Earth planet, they firstly talk about Africa. There are thousands of  mysterious places in Africa  amazing and mysterious things and Topographic Features that you need to visit them to see for yourself before you get too old.

In this context we have explained four of those unique geographical features and decide well when thinking of visiting mother Africa.


The first place to include in your plan in next adventure is Mulanje Mountain found in Malawi. It is also popularly known as ‘Sapitwa’ meaning unpassable or unclimbable Mountain.

This mountain is measured 3,100 Feet above the sea level (approximately 3Kms) high. Continue reading to find out why it is called ‘Sapitwa’.

At the top most of the mountain there is a peek pointed like a a sharp arrow and on the other side of the arrow there is a hollow that runs Swans of bees all the time.

The other thing is that only few people manage to reach at the peek because the mountain is full of mysteries. You meet a lot of challenges and Aliens. 

You also wonder that the bag you were carrying is Missing or it’s empty. You also find readily available food when you are hungry. You can find bananas or even mangoes when you are hungry. The only challenge that people face is that those foods or fruits are not taken home and if you try it you will get lost or face some misfortunes whilst on the mountain until you drop them. 

Mulanje Mountain in Malawi

This mountain is also unique as it is the only place where there is Special Cedar trees. This type is similar to Cedar of Lebanon so it is believed to be a mountain of Spirits.


Second hot place you should make it possible to visit when you are in Africa is Victoria Falls in Zambia.

This a very beautiful, amazing and strange Falls. Water never run out and the place is also dangerous as about 100 people die or hurt because of lack of carelessness.

People love to see how the water is falling from the mountains to the valley. Before the government secured the place over a thousand people were dying very year as when the water falls it’s like it has a magnetic powers or forces that pull the people close to the Waters.

Later authorities built a fence wire that is not safe to visit and enjoy the whole water movements and the splashes. There are well trained Your Guides now who will teach you did and don’ts of the place and they also escort you to wherever you go at a small fee.


This Victoria Falls is named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain in Europe. It is believed that the White Explorers are the ones who found this place in about 200 years ago. This falls also provide electricity to Zambian, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbawe and Central African Republic.

The other place is “The Kilimanjaro” Mountain that is 7+ kilometers high and also the tallest mountain I Africa. This beautiful geographical feature is standing in the Anzania Land or Tanganyika Land now called Tanzania. This country is in far East of African Continent.

The word Tanzania is coming from the name of most expensive minerals called Tanzanite Stones found in the Country. 

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

The name Kilimanjaro simply means the Great Mountain. The name was taken from Swahili language: Kilima meaning Mountain and Njaro meaning great. A European Explorer Johhan Ludwig in late 1800 century had put the details and the name in his writing.

Kilimanjaro is also important peek for all the International Flights. It has good Hotels, Lodges and it’s scenery is powerful and you wish to settle there.

Many whites and other foreigners have ended settling at Kilimanjaro in the name of Investments or inter-marriages.

These are three places that you should never get old before visiting them as they will prolong your life with refreshing your memories.

Visit Africa, Welcome to Africa, Kalibuni Africa.

              Victoria Falls video                            (source YouTube)


Victoria falls picture and Kilimanjaro Mountain (Source Google)

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