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Moshimiwa Rais Samia
 Suluhu Hassan
New President of Republic of Tanzania

It was early this week when the dark cloud covered over the Tanzanian skies as the sorrowful message of the demising President John Pombe Magufuli was announced through his Vice President Right Honourable Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Most Businesses were closed and the roads were quite than as usual as people were crying everywhere about the loss of the great man who wished every citizen good life.

The New President has been sworn in the highest office as per traditional of the land stipulated in their Constitution.

The Vice President of the land was sworn in yesterday at around 08:00 morning hours at the August House.

Madam Vice President Suluhu Hassan served various offices before the vice presidency. She served as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Planning, also Member of Parliament, and Ministrial positions to when you was picked as a running mate in 2015 and re-picked in 2020 General elections when the Magufuli was contesting for second term of Office.

Our journalist was around the city of Arusha interviewing people to hear on their side as the new president was being swearing in.

Most people different views of their side.

“I feel like I am totally lost as the Magufuli was God sent that never abandoned us and projects were everywhere in the country regardless of the politics”, said one Tanzanian who did not wish to publish his identity.

He continued saying we don’t know about the vice president of she will continue with the heart of Baba Magufuli of undertaking developmental activities.

In brief facts almost 90% of the people our Reporter reached wish the New president to continue taking the Country to the right direction as Magufuli did.

Before Magufuli took office in 2015 Tanzania was a dangerous country with more terrorists who attacked the civilians and he did it possible to end everything.

The burial Program of the late President will be announced indue course and some are speculating that maybe it may take about a month for him to be raid to rest since Tanzania is the biggest country with more than 12 Regions.

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