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                   Hon. Michael Usi
             Minister of Tourism in Malawi

Malawi is a country settled in the Southern part of Africa and neighboring Zambia to the west, Tanzania to the North and Mozambique to the west, East and South. It is a land-locked Country with 129,000 square kilometers. Biggest part being covered with a lake called Lake Malawi. Malawi is popularly known with friendly life towards either strangers or Foreigners and it is called “Warm Heart of Africa”.

Malawi is divided into four regions. There is Southern Region, Northern Region, Eastern Region and Central Region where Lilongwe Capital city of Malawi is found.

It was on 4 September, 2020 when the Minister of Tourism in Malawi Honourable Michael Usi had a tour visiting some of the cottages and Tourist Centers which are located along the shores of Lake Malawi particularly in Salima and Nkhotakota districts.

During his tour he recommended that Malawi is still in the process of improving it’s Tourism Industry.

In some of the things he pointed out that most cottages, lodges and Tourist Centers were not Registered and others their licences were expired, a thing he said the owners are stealing from the government. Government can not provide good support and guidance to them if they are not registered because not be known about their existence in the plans of government.

“I encourage you to improve the infrastructures and cleanliness in your sites so that they should look update and attractive so when the Tourists pay visit should have a mind of revisiting the place”, advised Dr Usi.

Malawi’s Tourism Industry is settled in four categories. In Cultural sites, The Lake and in beautiful Mountains and lagoons.

There is Lake Malawi which is loved by it’s uniqueness world-wide because of it’s pure and clear Waters. Along the shores of the Lake there are beautiful beanches people do enjoy whilst swimming. In this lake there is also a popular and appetizing fish which is never found anywhere in the world called ‘Chambo’. The Lake Malawi is found in Mangochi, Dedza, Salima, Nkhotakota, Nkhata-Bay, Rumphi and Karonga Districts. These are also called Lake-Shore Districts because they are laying along the shores of Lake Malawi.

Then there is Mulanje Mountain which is 3,100 meters from the sea level. Most people love this place because looks home for everyone. There are Cedar trees covering the mountain that brings it’s beauty and also quite and cool place. It has a highest point called ‘Sapitwa’ meaning no go point. This point it’s does a lot of magic people get food there there.

There is also a category of National Parks. If you love to see animals this is a best country to visit as well. It has Kasungu National Park, Lengwe National Park and Majete Game Reserve. In these places there are Buffalos, Elephants, Boboons (Chimpanzees), and oldest anaconda which is over 100 years of living.

On Tourism Industry there is also Archive centers where Central history of the begging of Africa and Malawi.

In this Archives you will found history of how Malawian people lived because the country existed. There are artifacts (remains) of oldest animals which are no longer available. These centers are found in Chiradzulo District, Karonga District, and Blantyre District.

Malawi is a wonderful country where people from other countries are welcomed to settle without hassle. People do invest in Agricultural sector, Tourism Sector, In production (factories) and also shopping mall. It can only take less than 30 days to be given licences and all other permits for you to settle.

Malawi uses Kwacha as it’s currency. It has also several languages like English, Chichewa, Tumbuka, Yao, Lomwe, Ngonde, Sena and Lambya. The official language used it’s English and Chichewa. It is simple language which can take you a week then know most used words like greetings.

Malawi allows inter-marriages. Men outside are allowed to marry wives in Malawi and the vice-versa.

Our reporter interviewed one of the cottages owners who asked to keep his identity anonymous. “We are always willing to get the licences but the process is very slow and also we ask the government to consider us the taxes are very high to manage these sites” complained the man.

Due to Convid-19 pandemic Malawi has just re-opened it’s airports and everyone is welcome to Malawi.

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