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Honourable Ken Kandodo
Minister who Stole Covid-19 Funds

It was on 13 April, 2021 African Connect Site reported an article about the Malawi being Tre Country in Africa was unable to report how the Covid-19 funds were used.

On  17 April, 2021 the issue was debated in the August House in Malawi where it was revealed that the report was already out but was not yet made to the public.

The report was kept hidden after it was revealing names of Political Gurus of the rulling party of Malawi Congress Party were mentioned in it including Honourable Ministers.

In the morning hours of today 19 April, 2021, Mr Lazarus Chakwera spoke to the public about the contents of the report.

In his statement, The president mentioned one Minister that took large portion of the money meant to fight against Convid-19 pandemic in Malawi.

This minister who mate his fate by being fired as the Minister is Honourable Ken Kandodo, who was responsible for the Ministry of Labour since July, 2020 after the controversial Presidential Elections.

Ken Kandodo was also Minister of Finance during the time of Late President Bingu Wa Mutharika from June, 2009 to September, 2011 after the president made the cabinet reshuffle.

He has been active politician since 1999 under UDF party, then DPP party later joined PP in 2013 and then in Current rulling party.

The amount the Minister stole from the Covid-19 funds is not yet revealed to the public. The steps currently taken are that of being fired as the Minister. The direction on what will happen next is not yet known but as per tradition he will be arrested to be prosecuted in the courts of laws.

The report has also several names of about 90% being Civil servants who enjoyed the benefits in the name of Risk allowances.

National Audit Office revealed that amount of 6.2 Billions Kwacha approximately $9.5 Millions got abused only 9% of the money was used on intended purposes.

Malawi currently is under pressure as many offices are demanding for the same risk allowances from the Covid-19 funds.

Amongst the groups of people holding demostrations are Teachers, and Commercial Sex Workers.

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