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Mia  welcomes new members

It was a song of Joy in the rulling Malawi Congress Party as it welcomed new members into the party through its vice president Honourable Muhammad Sidik Mia in Balaka District on 15 August, 2020.

Notable members who joined were Honourable Tony Ngalande an Independent Member of Parliament for Balaka North Constituency, two Democratic Progressive Party Councilors and many DPP members.

Last week on 9 August, 2020 the same party welcomed former Member of Parliament and Minister of DPP Dr Allan Chiyembeka from Thyolo District.

Few individuals have querred whether Malawi will purely enjoy it’s democracy. 

This comes in as Malawi has experienced the same before where by when Malawi Congress Party lost elections in 1994 all members joined United Democratic Front (UDF). Happened again when Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika formed his party in 2005 many people left UDF and joined him. The same scenario occurred when Professor Bingu died in 2012 the nomadic ones still joined then newly formed party of Madame Joyce Banda.

Came 2014 Dr Joyce Banda lost to Professor Peter Mutharika and the same people moved to DPP and now it is happening also where we are witnessing many joining MCP.

Our reporter tried to find out whether this will not have a negative impact towards country’s development and future of democracy as  they are the same  kind of people who just change parties all the time.

This is different with what happens in America or other African countries like Ghana where by if you are a member of Republican party you are there forever not what happens in Malawi.

Once there is this tendency of inter-party changing without new faces in the system developmental activities are compromised as there is always weak opposition which fails to provide necessary checks and balances for the government and eventually turns it into dectatorship.

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