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After Malawi changed leadership in 2020 on 23 June things began well and people were smiling for the change.

One year and 6 months passed since the regime change and the table has turned upside down and many expectations of poor Malawians are in shambles.

The president of Malawi Razarus Chakwera publicly criticized the citizens that they should not wait for government to change things but instead they should not be razy and start working hard for themselves.

Many things have doubled and tripled in prices and many people are now eating without cooking oil, bathing without soap due to high prices a thing which is contrary to the fight of Covid-19 pandemic which demands people to be clean and in good health.

After investigations were conducted by the Civil rights Leaders among them Phunziro Mvula of Human Rights Ambassadors said the rising of high costs is due to multiple taxes which government has introduced to the government.

Whilst all the citizens and other leaders including in the opposition parties are criticising the government in order to address the crucial issues being raised.

In the government’s response, instead of providing solutions it has started arresting all opposition critique and Human Rights Leaders, one being Mr Bon Kalindo who is popularly known as Winiko Mr Nyo.

Winiko has led various protests in all cities of the country which were generally peaceful and no serious injuries were reported.

Mr Winiko was also arrested in 2017 when he was in rulling side Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as he criticized the government of not doing anything to protect the lives of people who were born with Albinism.

Same this year left the rulling side and started protesting towards the government because of the same issues of Albinos and also rising cost of living.

The Malawi Government currently has lost the direction and it just moving like a farming machinery as they have opted to Introduce a new Mk5000 bank note instead of addressing the issues hitting the economy.

The other political figures arrested and now on court bails are Former Minister of Finance, Honorable Mwanamveka, Former Minister of Local government Honorable Ben Phiri and Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr. Dalitso Kabambe who are all from former rulling party DPP.

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