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Hon. Agnes Nyalongwe-Mp
Education Minister in Malawi

This month Malawi has witnessed the number of confirmed cases on Covid-19 declining as well as the number of deaths reducing.

Due to this the government of Malawi through its Minister of Education Honorable Agnes Nyalongwe announced that it will re-open schools as there is a good sign of Covid-19 effections reducing.

The Minister announced that it shall go in phases as it will start with only examination classes and final year at universities. She said schools will start reopening starting from 7 September, 2020.

Then when the results are good and upon seeing the schools are managing to contain the virus by following the preventive measures then they will proceed with all other classes in all schools on 12 October, 2020.

On the other hand the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 announced also that comes September 1, 2020 all Airports shall come into it’s full functioning state. Flights within and outside Malawi will resume.

Malawi in past two months it has seen that the number of recovering from sickness has surpursed the number of those still sick. Also compared to past 4 months when it was experiencing deaths everyday now it can pass two or three days without deaths being reported.

The President Dr Lazarus M Chakwera emphasized that the Covid-19 committee to be providing daily updates on how the pandemic is trending.

Table showing data on Covid-19

The President of Independent Schools in Malawi (ISAMA) Mr Joseph Patel had been crying out for the government to bailout the private owned schools as it was failing to pay salaries to it’s workers including teachers.

The Private Schools in Malawi had gone through tough times as it was not even able to make water and Escom bills which were still being released without considerations.

Patel smiled when government announced that Schools will be re-opend in the coming month as independent Schools depend much on School Fees to run its operations.

Mr Joseph Patel
President of Independent Schools in Malawi

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