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Poverty life in Tanzania

Africa is a greatest and largest continent in the whole universe where all other continents combined can fill in it and other 15% Space remain unfilled. 

The latest estimates show that the regional poverty rate decreased by 1.6 percentage points from 2015 to 2018. This translates to 40 percent of the African population living in poverty and Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for two-thirds of the global critically poor population.

There are major reasons causing Africa to grow poorer and poorer and these are: 

Learning everything in foreign languages is a first problem. This a big challenge in Africa after the colonisation took place all the Slave Masters left their languages for example in most West Africa they got French and English, in Southern Africa they speak English and Portuguese, in East Africa have Swahili and in the Northern part of Africa they speak Arabic.

This has caused most African to fail academically because the contents are taught in languages that make them fail to understand the matters easily end result making life tough than expected.

The other one is that all colleges in Africa are Memorizing based rather than practical in nature.  This second problem you will find out that most schools in Africa demand learners to understand and memorizing the contents instead of allowing the students to put those materials learnt into practical.

Remember the things you put into practice it’s not easy to forget compared to the matters you just memorized.

As African News Site we also discovered that most African countries force their learners to learn subjects of their slave masters like English, Science and many leaving their crucial issues in their countries unlearned.

Most people wait for Politicians to change their lives as third reason. Most citizens in African countries have poor mindset which needs to be addressed.

Imagine during campaign period, most people are cheated by the politicians to abandon their important things and go support their rallies which at the end they are only given about 10 cents which can not change their lives.

The other thing is that the people put much trust on these evil politicians who lie that they will bring developments that will change the citizens’ lives unfortunately once voted into power they ignore and deliberately forget everything.

The people of Africa it’s time they could start working hard in what they know so that with time can improve their living statuses.

Following policies from Foreign superpower countries.  There is another simple and tough point that African presidents neglect their nations by forgetting their yearly plans to develop their countries end result they make sure to follow policies from abroad that makes the poverty gap growing everyday.

Another crucial point is that Africans depend much on grants and aids. Most presidents in Africa never love their countries as instead of working on means on how to get funds and manage them within their countries. They get funds through tax unfortunately they just share the moneys through corruption end result publishing poor reports to donors claiming they need grants and aids that will sustain their livelihood which is a poor mind that makes even their citizens to think poory.

Those grants when you see they don’t usually come with good faith and also they don’t concentrate on major and crucial issues to address.

For example: Malawi depends on farming for her economy unfortunately they get more funds on Malaria and other diseases and some of those diseases come in as a result of lack of food not money to use for a research that can not improve lives of people.

Foreign loans with high interest rates.  The loaning systems across the globe are helping to kill African nations economically.

We use example of Uganda took a loan from China to renovate their Airport in Kampala unfortunately the loan has never been repaid and now China has taken over the Airport who are controlling it now. This is not a good development for thee security of the country.

Some countries get a loan within Asian continent with a small percentage like 2% but African Countries are getting with interest rate of 9% which is not fair at all.

There is also a challenge on World Bank and International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) usually give the African Nations loans with high interest rates like 7% whilst other Nations like United States get at about 1.5%.

The problems of Africaare with their owners and the same have solutions if they can form or make simple and understandable policies for African without copying and pasting form other continents poverty shall be a issue of an day.

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