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President John Magufuli
During the day hours of 15 August, 2020 was a very special day for the Tanzanians as they witnessed their unique President Dr John Pombe Magufuli being awarded  a gift by the Top Tanzania Assembles of God (TAG) for his achievements towards fight against Convid-19 where the country’s number of confirmed cases have gone down since the time president instituted the measures to be followed.
Tanzania declared a coronavirus free country after the President called for 3 days prayers and fasting claiming that only God has powers of healing any kind of disease.
He also called for an additional 3 days of thanks-giving prayers after hospitals reported zero results of the respiratory related diseases.
Speaking before bestowing the award to the president, TAG Archbishop Rev Dr Barnabas Mtokambali recounted that the Head of State had placed God first, consequently to which he earned praises for being a unique leader on the African Continent and beyond.
He said while other countries adopted expensive measures that included self-isolation and lockdown, Dr Magufuli allowed people to continue working and counting on God’s intervention to fight the battle.
There were at least 21 confirmed deaths related to the Covid-19 pandemic and only 509 cases by the time he was being honored with the award.
“We fasted for 14 days at our TAG Headquarters as it is the church’s responsibility in being examplary” added the Archbishop.
Immediately after receiving the award, President Magufuli said that although he was delighted by the church’s gesture, he earnestly believed that the only deserving all the awards and Thanksgiving was Almighty God for he rescuing his country from the deadly pandemic.
President Magufuli reminded the church of its noble role in the country, saying it helps maintain peace, order  and stability. “Through the church, we get good people that we trust with different responsibilities as in government and other sectors”, concluded Magufuli.
The president Magufuli in his first statement during National Address when the pandemic was first reported in the country said that his country shall not go into lockdown as he claimed that many neighboring countries could suffer they usually depends on Darsalam port for Fuel and other many imported goods like medicine.

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