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Indian Variant Covid-19

 It has recently been rumoured across the Social Media channels in Malawi, on Facebook, WhatsApp and even text messages about the new Covid-19 variant found in Malawi in Salima District.

Our Reporter Micheal Kampira who is in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi confirmed about the reports despite the government officials have not been able to publicly declare the Pandemic’s existence in the region.

In a certain Sugar Factory in Salima District a place in Malawi reported two Indians who showed strange signs and symptoms of the virus. The victims were rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital which is in the city of Lilongwe. This factory is 60% owned by Indian Community and the 40% by the Malawi Government and most people people working in this factory are Indians hired directly from India.

Some reports say, the suspected patients had just landed in the country on 27 April, 2021 and later they got seriously sick and we’re taken to Salima District hospital where they were referred to the Central Hospital.

Some anonymous Doctors from Central said the patients after examined it was proved to the signs similar to the Indian Corona Virus though the government did not provide the findings and results to the public.

After the two patients were being treated some other people about 20 were also brought to the hospital for the same disease (Pandemic).

It was Uganda, a first country to declare to the Indian Corona Virus presence in their country in early April, 2021. The first patient was also an Indian citizen who just travelled into the country. 

The government early this year procured 360, 000 Covid-19 Vaccines from AstraZeneca and  only about 210,000 was administered whilst the rest expired on 13 April, 2021 as many people had no much interest to get their jabs.

The government firstly targeted the Frontline Health workers, all people working in the Hospitals and all the teachers though on teacher’s side faced resistances as they were demanding for Covid-19 Risk allowances.

This is a second wave of the pandemic as it is much deadly and many lives have been lost than before around the globe.

Countries like Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom uncounted figures have lost their lives and including those who already got their jabs.

This is like a woke up call to the African Nations as the virus is not giving much space and it needs everyone to be careful with whatever is being done.

Enock Enesias, a Malawian citizen in an interview said that it would be fair enough for the African governments to put out restriction measures rather than to wait for the disease to be reported and also pleaded with the Malawian government to nnounce the findings to the public so that they should be living in the know.

Covid-19, was firstly reported in Wuhan China in the month of December 2019 spread all over the the continents in 2020. This time China is normal and despite it’s neighbor India is struggling it is not yet affected and no new reports of Covid-19 have been published.

It was in 2020 Chinese government took a step of spraying disinfectants across the country and people stayed in their Houses for the period of two weeks since then there have been safe from Covid-19 pandemic.

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