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Honourable Gospel Kazako
Minister of Information
Malawi Government

Since the the month of February 2020 Malawi has not been stable when the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 announced in the country.

We have seen different offices holding demostrations. Started with Health workers and the Commercial Sex workers Association demanding government to give them allowances due to the Pandemic.

In the past three months Teachers have been boycotting their teaching duties demanding the same Government to consider them to get their allowances as well.

It was announced by their Teachers Union of Malawi President Mr Willy Malimba last week that this week they will be holding a sit in in order to force the government to pay them their allowances.

The strike started past Tuesday as a way of forcing the authorities to act fast on their plea.

Today when it was about 1930hrs there was a meeting between the Ministry of Education Officials and the Teachers Union Officials.

Whilst the meeting was in Progress they TUM were shocked to be served a notice that the government had obtained an injunction from the Lilongwe high court that the strike should be called off.

“It’s really true that the government has obtained an injunction against its own branch so that the strike should come to an end”, said Mr Willy Malimba.

This has brought many questions to various sectors that the government has failed to make a right way of solving the matter.

Some citizens, comments that the government was supposed to find a permanent solution not of the court.

In the afternoon hours Honourable Gospel Kazako who is the Minister of Information spoke through the MBC a government Broadcasting Radio that the Teachers were supposed to get back to work because the government had arranged good salaries packages for the teachers.

Minister continued saying that the request the teachers are expressing is a temporary one but should ask for things which are in line with their service guide lines.

Malawi has been a field of drama since 2018 when demostrations started till now.

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