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by African Connect Site

The world’s population is over 7 Billions people but only 1% of them are Billionaires worldwide.

This is pathetic and many people in today’s life have chosen to take evil roots in order to get themselves riches and wealths.

Some people are not conducting themselves in corruptions, organized crimes, theft, murdering innocent people and others have also turned to believe that the wealth is built by killing others to sale body parts like a belief in Africa of killing people with Albinism.

Today we would like to share ideas on how you can get rich with a small salary like $100 pee month in almost all developing countries.

$100 money is not enough when you have no good plans for your daily living.

The first way to make you survive is to live according to your status. Accommodate yourself in a house whose rentals are about $20 per month not $120 per month end result you will start stealing.

 The other one is to take a small loan and invest in it for example. You a buy a plot in a remote area at the price of $500.

Buying of land we don’t pay at once. You pay in installments upon agreement with the owner.

Abandon it for at least one year. Then resale it. Use the money and buy two plots and continue to do the same for at least a period of 5 years and you shall see the outcome from it.

The other way is get loan and design a small business that you can easily supervise whilst still going to your work.

Example of the small business is flying Chips. Breakdown is can be estimated as explained below.

Buy flying pots and spoons at the value of about $30 then buy a big bag of Irish potatoes valued $40.

Then find a place which is busy e.g. school or market or if your house is along a busy road.

Employ one person who will be working for you and his first salary can be about $45. This I mean someone who is just idle as per the money rates in our countries. Another way can be that you ask your wife or husband if you are married or any relative to help running it.

Remember one bag which is valued at $40 realises about $80 after sales so if you can consistently do this for 5 years you can be somewhere else in this world.

Lastly we are born poor yes but to die poor is our own biggest failure. Do business when you die your children can inherit. School just help us to have knowledge and how to deal with problems in our everyday life.

In every Business there challenges but do not quit and keeping pushing hard until people shall speak about you.

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