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                   General Vincent Nundwe
                            (Malawi Defense Force)

General Vincent Nundwe a man who has served Malawi Defense Force (MDF) since the time of Former Head of State Professor Peter Mutharika in 2019 has been re-appointed.

Nundwe who is around his 50s was tasked to head MDF the time when there was chaose in the country in 2019 after polls of 21 May, 2019 where Peter Mutharika was declared a winner.

Unfortunately the results were challenged in Constitutional Court of Malawi.

This was a trying time as Nundwe was supposed to act lawfully and orderly where most Malawians were going to the streets to demand for the resignation of former Chairperson of Electral Commissions Justice of Appeals Jayne Ansah.

Justice Ansah was being critisized of mismanaging of the said elections.

As most citizens of Malawi were marching and holding demostrations which were being fueled by then Mr Timothy Ntambo a human rights activist with his organization known as Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

General Nundwe provided all the necessary support to all citizens by making sure that they finished their peaceful demostrations without threats to their lives and also provided maximum security to all five Constitutional Court Judges who were presiding over the tempting and challenging case of it’s nature in the country.

Because of his professionalism Nundwe was praised by local and international Community including United Nations department of Human rights.

Later, Nundwe was fired by Peter Mutharika who was not pleased in the way he discharged his duties and was posted to be Ambassador in India for Malawi.

Came 2020, 3 February, Fresh Presidential Elections were ordered and on 23 June this year Malawians voted for a new President.

Peter Mutharika could not make it to Lazarus M Chakwera who defeated him with 58.57% and Mutharika with 38%.

When Dr Lazarus Chakwera assumed Office of Presidency started rebuilding Malawi.

Dr Chakwera has made different appointments in different portfolios including replacing current General Peter Namathanga with the Former Commander General Nundwe.

Nundwe when interviewed expressed much of his happiness by saying that God has made it possible for his appointment in order to go and finish what he already started.

“It is the duty and responsibility of every soldier to serve it’s citizens in the soldiers in Malawi” continued explaining Nundwe.

It was announced that the appointment was with immediate effect effect from the date of it’s announcement.

Most junior soldiers commented in their social media platforms saying they have welcomed him back as he is a man who works professionally and with vision.

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