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The Mulanje Mountain
A Biggest Mountain found in Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country which is land-locked and popularly with Agriculture as it’s main source of income. It’s 80% of people depend on Farming.

This country has over 21 Ethnic groups of people. It has three main regions. These are Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Regions.

Malawi has most fascinating things that are found naturally which can make you visit and revisit the country for several times without getting tired.

Today you will read five major reasons why you will decide to visit Malawi Country again and again.

One is it’s Peaceful and safe environment. You will wonder as if there are no people in Malawi. It’s very peaceful land with it’s people well-mannered naturally. You can even walk on foot in jungles and long distances and people will greet you with only happiness and smiling faces ready to serve you without even intensions to charge you any fee as compared to Eastern and Western Countries of Africa.

The other reason is that it has a unique mountain called Mulanje Mountain which is popularly known as “The Sapitwa” meaning unpassable. This mountain has water and evergreen environment all the time and because of that there are many people around the mountain during day and night times as well. This mountain has also Cedar trees which are very special and only found in Malawi. The trees are just called Mulanje Cedar because they are found in Mulanje District.

The third reason to make you that you come to Malawi is that it has a Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi has very special Waters in the whole world. The water is unique in the sense that it is clear from top and you can see sands down without any help of a microscope or machinery. The Lake also has a special type of fish called Chambo. Chambo is a type of fish only found in Lake Malawi.

The fourth reason is that there are National Parks and Game Reserves. Malawi is blessed with Natural Animals Parks not man made as it the case of many western countries. Malawi has Lengwe National Park found in Chikwawa District, Kasungu National Park found in Kasungu District, Lake Malawi National Park found in Lake Malawi which keeps Hippos and Crocodiles, it has Majete Game Reserve in Chikwawa which has Rhinos and it has also Lilongwe Sanctuary where there is a a biggest snake called Anaconda which is over 200 years old.

The fifth and the last reason is that it has Simple and easy Immigration policy. This Immigration issue is the main reason many people fail to visit various places in the world. Malawi’s Immigration Act is not complicated as some Visas are obtained even upon arrival, and also very cheap which are ranging from $50 to $600 depending with the type of the visa you want and Activities that you want to do in the country.

This country is popularly called the ” Warm Heart of Africa” across the globe because of the reasons put above and several others. For your information Malawi has never been in war with any country.

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