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Photo by United Nations showing labels
 in the jungles of DR Congo

Every person was born with the right to life but others choose that they are more worthy to live than their friends. This is due to economical, social and physical perspectives. A day can not pass people are dying like Chickens in many countries in Africa because of fights (Wars).

In this article today we are discussing five major reasons behind these unnecessary battles in Africa. These reasons are: Power Hungry, Minerals, External interferences, Gaining fame and Political Reasons.

Power hungry is the most challenging part that cause African countries to be unrest. People are always crying to have more power than others to control their wealth and their families. They want to move freely than others.

Fighting for Mineral Resources is another cause for these wars in Africa. Currently there are unceasing wars in DR Congo, Mozambique and Sudan. You go you will find everyone wants gold and every Jim and Jack wants to have power to control over those materials.

Another crucial cause it’s External Interferences. From 200 to 500 years ago history tells that Africa was shared by External powers which came to rule them. 

This same thing is still happening but indirectly. People from from other countries advise the current leaders unfairly end result making their countries battle fields. 

Fourth reason on our list is Personal preferences. Some Leaders just choose to make wars whilst hearing in the radio stations and televisions that it’s them troubling. End result they feel good and thinking they are gaining fame.

 Politics is another dirty game that has killed many people before their real time of death. We have seen other countries that can not be mentioned here they have presidents who have ruled more than their lifespans. Some of them 30 years rulling. 

Once an opposition rise the best resolution they have in their mind it to cause wars. Since everyone nowadays want to become a leader or president fightings are not ending.

Lack of love and trust is causing all these scandalous and deadly situations in our communities. The best way to end this or to reduce to to avoid and not stick to things that can not help us.

Photo showing people running away
from DR Congo to Zambia

How do you feel when people in Democratic Republic of Congo are running away from their land every night, in Sudan people sleep only during the day, Liberia everyone is considered a suspect and even in Nigeria you can not trust anyone in this modern time. Everyone is fearing everyone love never exist anymore.

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