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File photo showing Children with
Mal-Nutrition in Ethiopia

African Connect Site discusses various hunger and poverty being experienced. Most the challenges faced on this planet are wars, hunger, poverty, and environmental changes including African continent.

This context is going to explain the details of five major problems of Africa as the whole continent. These problems are Wars, Hunger, Poor Educational Systems, Grants, and lack of job opportunities. Continue reading please.

War is the first problem African News Magazine puts on the list. African Continent has over 52 countries including Islands. Out of these countries about 70% of them there battles, people fighting one another for various reasons. 

Close to two Millions people were displaced in the period 2018 to 2021 in Mozambique, DR Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and Liberia. Close to 500 thousands people were killed. This data is based on United Nations compiling.

Another second and biggest problem is Hunger as well. Data indicates that World Health Organization support Africa with over 10 Millions metric tones of food. 

This goes to refugee camps where many people die because they have nothing to eat. Ethiopia in 2020 over 350, 000 suffered Mal-Nutrition die to lack of food. Over 80, 000 people died as they were living typically in remote area where there was not accessibility to transport.

On our list we have also included poverty as another challenging issue in this Black people continent. Poverty is high in this land due to lack of job opportunities. Many people choose just to stay idle end result no money and this encourages bad characters like beer drinking carelessly, theft and even wars.

Another issue is Grants. This problem very big in Africa. People and governments do not come with strategies of industrialization so that they can do things on their own whilst reducing poverty by creating jobs to it’s citizens. 

These Leaders in Africa because they know when they write a proposal to United Nations or International Monetory Fund, they will be given grants which at the end they only enrich themselves through Corruption and big salaries. We believe this is a big challenge as well to the continent.

Poor Educational Systems is what is killing developments in Africa. This is witnessed when the President’s and Minister’s get sick they fly to sick quality medication outside the continent but since they have Colleges and universities teaching medicine and doctors.

 Secondly, almost 98% of engineers doing infrastructural works in the continent are hired outside Africa but they have universities teaching engineering.

All these things are happening because of poor Academic strategy. You also hear the great Leaders have sent their children to go overseas to do quality education which is a poor mindset as the continent has been in existence since the world was known.

This Black Continent has everything a person may need and hoping that the Leaders to come next will have another perceptions of taking Africa to another positive direction.

Remember we were discussing five major challenges being experienced in Africa now.

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