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City of Darsalam-Tanzania
Eastern Africa

Africa is a huge continent worth all continents thus North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia can fit in it and also leaving surplus land. Africa has five main Regions. These are North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

Africa is famous of it’s beauty and natural Environment. Full of Natural resources in it.The people of Africa are friendly.

African Continent has over 21, 000 ethnic groups of people and with over hundred thousand languages.

It was in the late 1890s when African Leaders and Kings started rising for their freedom as they were only considered as Slaves.

It was around 1940s when the five great African Leaders met in Landon where they held meetings of liberating Africa from the Colonies.

These five great Leaders were persecuted but God saved them all until their wishes were fulfilled.

The first great Leader who was also the Chair of the all leaders was Kwame Mkuruma of Ghana. He stood on the truth that Africa should not be a play ground. He later became the first Republican president of Ghana.

Secondly Leader was Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda of Malawi who was popularly known as the best friend of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain. In his era he was the most rich man worth over 350 Millions USD in around early 80s. Kamuzu Banda ruled Malawi for over 31 Years.

The third Leader was Jomo Kenyatta who later, became the president of Kenya. He was a great leader as he managed to rescue Eastern Africa and giving it’s people total freedom.

The other Leader was Julius Nyerere of Great Tanganika Kingdom now called The Republic of Tanzania. He fought so hard that the Asians fled the country and gave their peace, and harmony.

The last and fifth President was Kenneth Kaunda who also liberated Zambian country. Kaunda was the youngest of all. He started Politics when he was around 29 years old. 

These Leaders managed all they could with the help of Late Marcus Gurvey who was of Rastafarian culture based in Jamaica.

All these Leaders met the United kingdom as they were pursuing school whilst others were working as Lectures at Leads University, Oxford University and Manchester University.

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