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Africans Enjoying Nsima Dish

On this beautiful universe we live in there are many traits, characters or behaviors every nationality is best known by.

Some countries are well known for their dances, type of music, dressing styles, and even the type of foods they consume.

Africa as part of the world we have all the characters that make us be identified easily to all the Nations across the globe.

African News Magazine today 20 April decided to share some five common foods found on the dishes of African kitchen or restaurants.

The first most common type of dish is Nsima. This Nsima is a favourite dish for almost everybody in Africa and probably also in other continents like Asia.

Nsima in most countries is known as Gari like in Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya. 

This food is prepared by mixing flour (Maize flour) with water whilst being boiled on the fire.

The other one is Banana boiled and is eaten with any soup like beef or chicken soups. This type of dish is commonly found in western part of Africa and Eastern Africa.

Rice food is yet another beautiful dish much loved in Africa. In some parts of the continent the rice is much respected. This dish is considered as fairly expensive most people buy rice during festive seasons only to eat. It’s common dish during Christmas and New Celebrations period.

The other dish is of Cassava or Potatoes. In countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria and even beyond Africa these two food stuffs save lives.

Cassava or Sweet potatoes are boiled or burnt direct on the charcoals or firewood. You only eat little food but you will keep on drinking water almost the whole day.

The Cassava or potato can also be enjoyed by using Ocra soup, or even beef soup. It lives long in the body compared to other foods described in the beginning of this article.

Last food dish on our list is Chips. This may sound English dish type but is very common in Africa.

Irish potatoes despite being used to make crisps, noodles its primary food type made from it it’s Chips.

Chips is commonly eaten by eggs, roasted beef or chicken. It’s favourite dish for those who want takeaway foods or fast foods.

These are some most common dishes found in Africa. Of you are planning to come stay or visit Africa get prepared to enjoy those types of foods.

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