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Malawi being a land-locked Country it has many other things that supports her on generating revenue for her citizens.

The country has a total land of about 116, 000 square kilometers and it’s bordered with three major countries. These countries are: Mozambique covering Southern, Eastern and Western parts, then Tanzania covering Northern part whilst on the west part it’s covered by Zambia.

Malawi is a country full of resources which help her generates finances. Some of these topographic features are the Lake Malawi which has pure waters, Mountains like popular Mulanje Mountain in Mulanje District populary known as Sapitwa because there is a certain highest point where most people fail to get there. And there are also National Parks.

Today I just want to share more about Kasungu National Park which is located in Kasungu District in the Central Region part of Malawi.

Kasungu National Park is the oldest animals park in the country as it was already there before the first Republic President Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda who ruled the country for over 32 years from 1963 to 1994. 

The Park has a lot of funny things ranging from big animals like Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Hyenas, Amazing snakes and beautiful natural views inside and many others.

Kasungu National Park is about 130 Kilometers away from Lilongwe City which is a capital city of Malawi.

People at this Park are well trained, that they provide all tour guide support without compromises. Once you are on the park feel 99% safety. Generally Malawi is on the top list of most safest places in Africa and probably worldwide.

Visiting this Park is not that expensive compared to the charges in parks in Eastern Region of Africa.

Killing or hunting of Animals in the park it’s a serious offense as you will be persecuted with a case of Poaching. This offense is about 30 years jail term once convicted. Or you are charged to pay Mk15 Millions (local currency) equivalent to about $23, 000 USD.

All people in the country generally are friendly and harmless and in terms of Communication there is more chances not to struggle as about 60% of the population speaks English as it was an English Colony.

In terms of Immigration issues, most countries like in Western world get upon arrival Visas and it’s ranging from $50 up to $500 depending with the country or Nationality and the purpose of your Visas.

Lastly you are welcome to visit Kasungu National Park a beautiful Park in Malawi and full of beautiful quiet environment and full of amazing and surprising animals.

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