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MCP vice president welcoming new members

It was historic Political gathering on 22 August, 2020 in the Southern part of Malawi in Nsanje District where Honourable Muhammad Sidik Mia welcomed over 5 members of Parliament from the main opposition party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). These MPs are from Nsanje, Mzimba, Karonga and Chitipa districts.

The newly joined Mps are: Honourable Eurita Mtiza Valeta, Hon. Billy Kaunda, Hon Alunwire Mwenesongole, Hon. Emmanuel Jere and Hon. Davis Ng’ambi and ten other MPS who have not yet publicly welcomed.

There is more joyful hearts in MPC party family as more members of Parliament from DPP a party just evicted in June, 2020 polls.

In his response Honourable Kondwani Namkumwa MP, who is the Opposition Leader in the August House said that him and the Party are not shaken despite loosing a large number of it’s MPs and followers and he assured Malawians that DPP will bounce back comes 2025 elections.

On the other part, the Secretary General of DPP Hon. Grezeder Jeffrey commented on her Facebook page that as the more are leaving the Party it is a sign of decaying democracy in the country.

She also claimed that even all media houses including the private media houses were siding with the rulling party a thing which brings fear in Malawi’s good governance as there will be no one to provide checks and balances on the rulling government’s activities which in return can result into killing the democracy Malawi got with struggles in 1994 from one party system.

In current situation; two main Political Parties MCP and UTM are busy building their party bases.

Malawi this year in June got a new government of Tonse Alliance which is a combination of 9 Opposition Political Parties in Malawi that won with 58.85% against the then Professor Peter Mutharika of DPP who only got 38%.

Other Political commentators have in contrary commented,”Malawi will not achieve it’s goals if politics continue like this as we keep on using the same type of politicians who just jump from this camp to another”.

Another commentator who said not to disclose his name said; “this behavior will jeopardize investigations by the Law Enforncing bodies as there are many files in which most DPP gurus are being investigated in various crimes ranging from abuse of Office, Money Laundering, Theft and Murder”.

Indeed in politics there is no permanent enemity it was just two months ago when the Tonse government assured Malawians that it will arrest and investigate all crimes but now it shows a signal of co-existence camp between the Tonse and those wanted to be persecuted.

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