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There was Political Tension in Democratic Republic of Congo on 3August where protesters were holding demostrations against the current regime.
This forced Police Officers on Thursday where they used Teargas to disperse thousands of supporters of President Felix Tshisekedi and democracy campaigners as they rallied through the streets of the capital, Kinshasa, as well as Lubumbashi, Goma and many other towns.
The United Nations Joint Office expressed concerns over the Police using offensive weapons towards the peaceful and unarmed protesters. Due the violence two civilians died and one Police Officer in Capital Kinshasa.
A UN source was quoted as saying by AFP news agency that the “policeman was lynched after firing on the demonstrators” while several other officers were injured.
In Kananga, a stronghold for Tshisekedi’s Union for Democracy and Progress (UDPS), three protesters suffered gunshot wounds, according to AFP.
Currently situation has normalized leaving many private properties burnt and destroyed. The rulling party officers were also heavily damaged.
The marches were triggered by a decision by the National Assembly – dominated by supporters of former president Joseph Kabila – to appoint Ronsard Malonda as chairman of the independent national electoral commission, CENI.

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Chims March 5, 2022 - 12:35 pm

But why Africa fighting all the time. This is unfair.


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