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Yesterday, today even tommorow when you meet or greet someone will answer, ” I am fine a little bit things are not working on my side” but he or she has all body parts, and physically fit only expecting to grants not making their own wealth.

We we discovered here at African News Magazine us that there is a problem that is causing all this poverty in our societies. Making the already rich be rich and the poor remaining poorer.

There is a simple way which is already existing that can make everyone rich without much stress or sweat. This is oneness and togetherness. A spirit of joining powers and working towards one goal with a clear vision in the mind.

The question is how can corperatives and Associations make people rich?

The first idea can be that: for instance in a village or town ten boys can come together and start doing goats Farming. Goats are in the ranges of about $30 each and for ten boys can presumably contribute amount about  $150 each to buy 5 goats that will in the end giving the group 50 goats. The goats give birth twice a year and when you are lucky some give birth two two.

At the end of the first year the goats will about 150 then second year will be close to 200 then third year will be around 300 till in the fifth year there will be about 800 goats plus. This is equally translated to 800 goats multiplied by $30 then the sum in five years it’s getting to $24,000 from the capital of $1500. So these ten boys if they want to get shares of $2400 that can help each of them to stand Independently.

The other option can be of doing Poultry Farming. Chicken Farming is more proftable and easy to manage. We will still use example of ten people as above. One chicken is generally around $5 on average pricing.

Each person contributes about $100 making a total capital of $1000. In that capital there are 200 chickens to be bought for the project. 

Remember, chicken lay eggs almost every month and one chicken can lay a maximum of 15 eggs. Then they will be fertilized or put in incubator for close to 21 days. In simple terms the 200 chickens will lay about 36,000 eggs in a year. This is literally translated to 36,000 chicks in just one year.

In second year there will be another 36,000 chickens making a total of about 72,200 of them. Mind you each chicken is being sold at $5 then this group will have made  $361,000 of they decide to sale off all the chickens to get their shares.

Each share holder after merely two years will get a total share of about $36,100 which can totally change their lives and even the community they are living in.

Now here is a lesson and a word for general thought. Most youths and other people around the earth need a huge capital of money to start a shopping mall, open car Business or really estate. Life does not go in that way. There many simple things considered useless.

We need to gather all our oneness and unity to overcome the power of poverty. No man is an Island. Rome was not built in a day. Jeff Bezos, Elon musk and many did not get rich just over one moon they had to sweat. What we are lacking in today’s life is patience, unity and trust.

There are several proftable Business models there that people do not do. To get wealth it is not only doing gambling or crypto currency Business. Start small in order to grow big one day and not starting big and grow small in the end.

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