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Lazarus Chakwera
 Malawi President

Warm heart of African President Lazarus Chakwera reshuffles cabinet Ministers finally after two years without amendments regardless of his Ministers being accused in various crimes of Corruption within and outside the government. African Connect Site journalist had dig more on the details.

Chakwera was voted into office on 23 June, 2020 after series of protests and demonstrations he was participating together with his vice president Saulosi Chilima.

The demonstrations were being organized by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition a grouping which was later discovered to be cooked by the politicians. This was concluded when it’s chairperson was appointed a Minister in the Cabinet and other top members were also sent to various diplomatic offices across the globe among them being Richard Sembereka.

The Ministers since their appointment were accused of various crimes ranging from Corruption to intimidations of those in opposition side by arresting them without proven offenses.

People from various sectors wonder to why the president took such a long period of time without reshuffl. From internal source within the Malawi government revealed that the president was being misguided by few individual Ministers who also threatened the president that if they are not appointed again they will mobilize some members of Parliament to impeach the president.

These same Ministers stole all the funds that meant to fight Coronavirus and money about $35 Billions was mismanaged and no reports indicate what the money was used for.

Currently the president is sweating heavily as he promised to come up with new cabinet Ministers within 48 hours of the reshuffle. Everyone locally and internally are watching with keen interest to see whether new faces will make it.

In a special address the president told the Malawian citizens that the next appointments will not include the Former Minister of Land Mr Kenzie Msukwa was is involved in the Corruption charges where the businessman Satter is answering before the court where he sold government land illegally.

The same Minister Msukwa took an injunction to challenge the Ant-Corruption Bereau body not to arrest him as the arrest was illegal as per his claims. In his statement, he said that the body wanted to arrest him whilst he was sick which he claims to be illegal.

Various sectors including Human Rights grouping of CDEP questioned whether the Ministers under Tonse Government are immune from being arrested in this regime.

All faces are waiting patiently to see whether the ministerial positions will make a difference as over 95% of people in Malawi are dying of high cost of living. For example soap which was at Mk80 it’s not sold at MK300 within a space of 1 year period.

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