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Mining Activities in Africa

In different Social Media platforms, websites, organizations, churches and various groupings and developed countries are busy doing, planning or talking about their Investments to do this year or later.

This article will cover first five countries worth for your investments in 2021. These countries are Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. We are talking about any investment that a person can think of and below will detail all the developmental activities that can be carried out in these countries.

The first Country on the list is Zambia.  This country is located in Central-Southern Region of Africa neighboring with about ten countries. It is neighboring with Malawi on East, Mozambique in South, Zimbawe West-South, South Africa in West, Botswana in North-west, Central African Republic in the north side, DR Congo in the North East and Tanzania in the East.

This country is popular as it has that famous feature called ‘Victoria Falls’ that is in Zambezi River.

It is a good place for mining projects. The country is full of Copper, gold, and most minerals though in small quantities. Many let are already busy investing in this industry.

Documentation for your business can take about 30 days to be completely processed and can cost you about $3000.

The other good place for investments is found in Ghana. Ghana is found in West Africa. Ghana was at first acting as the Headquarters of Africa during the time when Africans were getting rid of the colonialism. 

Then Ghana was being ruled by late His Excellency President Kwame Mkruma. Some great Leaders who stood with him were Late Kamuzu Banda of Malawi, Late Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Late Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya Julius Nyerere of Tanzania.

Ghana has fertile land worth Agricultural Practice and Minerals for Mining Industries. Many investors are coming over to Ghana in pursuing these investments.

Security wise Ghana is well equipped to provide enough security for all investors regardless of your status and Nationality. Many people are safe in Ghana.

Documentation in Ghana can last 1 to 3 months and no shortcuts to avoid loosing your money. Find out all the necessary protocols for your proftable investment.

On this list we have Kenya falling on number 3. Kenya can also be called the Paradise of East Africa. It has almost every country or Companies need.

Kenya is located in East Central Region of Africa. Speaks Kiswahili and English regardless of many small languages used in various villages.

This place is mountainous and makes it fit for Tourism Industry Investments, Mining and Air Transportation Businesses. 

Many Tourists when coming to Africa most of them first reach Kenya then to the lest. Some people found in Kenya came in the name of Tourists and later started doing business there whilst others found their families.

In terms of security, Kenya is somehow safe though in recent years there have been attacks in colleges, Secondary Schools and even Hotels.

Generally Kenya is safe for all investors. About documentation can let about 45 to 60 days and can cost you an approximate amount of $7,000.

The fourth Country is Tanzania. It is East African Giant Country which is developing at a very high rate. This country is very large and most of the land is left idle. In places like Tabora Region, Mwanza Region, Dodoma Region a Tanzanian Capital there are plenty of empty lands waiting for you to investments.

This country speaks Kiswahili, Kipale and little English. This country uses Shilling as it’s currency same as Kenya, and Uganda.

Investments that can be carried out in this Tanganyika land are many. You can do Mining projects and Agricultural Services. In this land it is also popular with it’s unique stone called ‘Tanzanite stones’ only found in this country.

Dairy Farming in Tanzania

In Agriculture, Tanzania depends much on it for it’s development. People have Banana Plantations in Mbeya Regions, Rice Plantations in Mbeya, Arusha and Iringa and also parts of Moshi Region.

The country is in short of Maize. There are no serious investors in the maize Production. Maize in Tanzania is very expensive compared to it’s neighboring countries Malawi, and Zambia.

In terms of documentation in this Swahili country can take few days to one month depending with the people you are dealing with. Please avoid corruption during documentation process you will lose everything as they do not tolerate. The documentation process can cost you $10,000 Maximum.

Last on this list is a tiny country which is 113,000 square kilometers and does not even show on the world map. This country is Malawi located in Southern Africa neighboring Zambia to West side, Mozambique covering it on West, South and East and Tanzania in the North.

It speaks English as administrative language and Chichewa their popular local Language. They use Kwacha as their currency as the same currency with Zambia only differs value and features.

Malawi is fit for only Agriculture industry despite past two to five years there have been rumours about small scale mining activities taking place and also the government started enforcing people to get mining licenses I. 2021. Over 80% of Malawians live on Farming Activities.

This can country with proper machinery and cash capital Agriculture can be more benefiting. The only big company enjoying investments is Illovo Sugar Group who are concentrating on Sugar Plantations only with Factories in Nchalo Chikwawa District and Dwangwa in Nkhotakota district.

Nchalo Sugar Planting in

There are many other areas left uncovered like Sisal plantations which can help to make clothing factories, Cassava plantations which can help to make cookies, busicuits, bread making flour, and even making wine. Other areas are also good for Cattle Farming like in the Lower States of Malawi (Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts).

Most meat consumed in the country is only coming from two major Portuguese-Indian Farmers farmers without competitors.

Security wise, Malawi is 99% safe for investors and even it’s citizens. Documentation process can be less than 30 days and can cost you about $650. All it’s people are peace loving citizens.

This article was giving details of five best African countries that can be worth for all kinds of developments in the hey 2021. Was also giving picture of the types of developments that can be done and approximated costs for documentation processes.

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