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                   Mr Jeremiah Duma

Tanzania Police in Darsalam arrested a man in connection to the death of his wife Agnes Mushi aged 35.

The man is identified as Mr Jeremiah Duma who works at National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA).

The family was staying at Mbezi a town within Darsalam city.

In a statement by one of the neighbors who declined to be mentioned said to our Correspondant in Darsalam that they heard children crying loud and shouted for help.

The neighborhood rushed to the house where they found the mother laying down uncoutious they took her to Darsalam Bochi Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The medical examination indicated that the death was due to suffocation and internal breeding.

Later, the Hospital management informed the Police who came immediately and arrested the suspect for further questioning.

After interrogations Mr Jeremiah Duma explained that it was not intentional to kill his wife.

Jeremiah continued explaining that his wife had tendancy of taking alcoholics. When he always advised her to stop drinking beer she could start beating him. 

So, it was the night of 21 August, 2020 when Mr Jeremiah got home as usual he found the wife very drunk.
When he reprimanded her she shouted in rude and due to that provocation the man pushed the wife who fail on the floor in the house.

The Officer In-Charge of Kidondoni confirmed the development the family had been quarrelling because of wife’s behaviour of taking beer a thing husband was not pleased with.

The deseased survived with 3 children until time of her departure the first born of 11 years.

The Suspect will be taken before court soon to answer murder charges.

The demiced body will be taken to Kondoa District in Dodoma Region where it’s her home village for burial ceremony.

The deaths of this nature in Tanzania are very common as in July 2019 witnessed also the Businessman Mr Hamisi Saidi who was convicted of murdering his wife Naomi Marijani too.

The government so far is finding the way to Civic educate it’s citizens on how to handle matters of such kind when arise in their families and communities.

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