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Eight Pregnant girls for one man

 It was a day full of drama in Mchinji District in Malawi as there were many reports that many girls got pregnant in the same period by one boy aged 22years old.

The facts state that in a certain village in Traditional Authority Mkanda in Mchinji District with has neighbored with the Capital city of Malawi Lilongwe the parents of a boy named Maison Jabezi seeing many girls with their parents at his house in the early hours of Monday.

When our Reporter got the news rushed to the site to get full details of what actually happened.

It was said that Maison Jabezi  a third born son of Mr Jabezi entered in a relationship with a girl called Rose Mainosi and agreed that after harvesting they will start the process of Marriage arrangements.

Whilst in the process Maison fell in love with a sister to his girlfriend where the love affair also started. Later he proposed another Friend of The younger sister of the girlfriend and the affair also worked like there are three girls in his connection.

Maison was not satisfied as he was doing chips Business he usually met a lot of girls at the market place and proposed other five girls and he was sleeping with them all without protected sex.

It can as a thunder this past Monday on 1 February, 2021 when all the 8 girls were brought to his father’s home as they all claimed that they were pregnants. 

This time the Lover-boy was in field where he usually buy Irish potatoes for his chips Business. As he was making his way back home he was tipped over by one of his friends that at his home there were sparks waiting for his arrival.

At this time the boy started running away leaving his bicycle on the road and his friend took it to his home where he reported that his friend just abandoned it on the road.

From eye witnessing said they saw him boarding a minibus which was heading to Lilongwe City.

Currently the Eight girls are living at his father’s place in awaiting for his come back. The man haunt has been launched to trace his whereabouts.

The surprising thing is that they have not reported this serious issue to the authorities either to village chief or the police for further assistance.

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