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In this article we are describing and giving more details on the countries needed to be visited with much caution in 2022 as African Connect Site we here to give full details that will guide you to connect the continent of Africa.

Tourism industry is a common term for everyone thinks of when trying to visit different places across the world. Some people they go for holidays, others vacations, whilst others go for research studies.

Apart from popular places like, Paris in France, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the Himalayas Mountains, Mount Everest, Disney Land in USA, there are also important places to visit in Africa.

In the first place there is a country called Nigeria popularly known as Naija. This is a Biggest country in Africa with Largest number of population. It has over 300 Millions people and speaks over 70 languages with main languages being English and Native Igbo.

The country is beautiful only in recent years there have been instability as the popular group of insurgents Boko Haram have been disturbing State of Bono and Niger State. Put your security a priority before visiting this beautiful land.

Another country is Democratic Republic of Congo loved to be called DR Congo. This is also a beautiful hilly country that is biggest in Central Region of Africa. 

Congo speaks close to 472 languages. Yes 472 languages and mother languages being French, Swahili and minor English. This paradise has more beautiful geographical features and also full of minerals. 

Most people are always fighting for the minerals and recently over 40 thousands people were displaced to Central African Republic, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. 

More visitors always do visit the country but make a research before going to that land.

Mozambique is another unpredictable land that you need to take precautions for your own safety before visiting it.

Mozambique it’s capital is Maputo and it’s a biggest country in the Southern part of Africa with a population over 80 Millions people.

This land was previously colonised by the Portuguese and it has not rested since 1968 till now with more civil wars all the time.

Mozambique speaks mainly Portuguese language and minor English and Nyungwi languages.

There are battles currently in the Northern province of Mozambique which is close to the boarder of Southern part of Tanzania. 

Dessert land also known as Sudan is also a crucial country which gives no peace to the citizens with wars almost daily since around 1978.

Sudan was divided into North and South Sudan. The most dangerous place is South Sudan country. People are always fighting for minerals that exist in the desserts.

It is Islamic country with most of it’s population being moslems and they largely speak Arabic language.

We can not write this article without mentioning Ethiopia. This is a special and unique country all over the Universe to never been colonised by anyone or any kingdom or a country.

Ethiopia has it wonderful originality to be believed as is where the most people mentioned in the Bible started from and also only country to legalize Marijuana in it’s other cities but not in it’s Capital Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is nearly fighting everyday because of Political differences. Most notable musicians and influential people have been assassinated.

Visit it it’s generally beautiful but make enough survey about it because your life is still important to many.

Another country is Liberia. This a country found in Central Western part of Africa. It is a first country to have been ruled by woman president in the history of existence. Her name is Her Excellence Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This country mostly fight because of power hungry despite other minor reasons within the country. 

People go around the world to appreciate the beauty of Nature. So Africa is full of cool features to enjoy on and when you planning to visit in it check all required details and your safety as well.

Remember there is one life one existence then once it’s gone there is no any other to replace, enjoy and travel responsibly and most welcome to Africa.

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