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Small businesses for women in Africa Continent
African Lady selling pepper and tomatoes

This article will tackle on 10 businesses unmarried ladies can do in Africa that can completely change their lives and help themselves together with their relatives and communities.

In a special research our team of journalists did in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa showed that in African Countries it is not easy for ladies to start their own businesses without a connection like Marriage.

The list of businesses suggested for the unmarried African Connected ladies are Cosmetics, running a salon shop, boutiques, selling used clothes, running a restaurant, selling airtime, supplying various types of goods and many more that will be discussed in this article.

Opening a Cosmetics shop is highly recommended for the ladies as almost everything sold in it is connected to women and that makes this business easy for an unmarried lady to run. It is also more profitable busiyand it runs fast as it has no season but it is best to place in the towns and cities.

Secondly on the list of ten businesses for unmarried African ladies is opening a salon shop. This is associated with selling of all items associated with hairs. You sale weaves, mesh, haircut designs and also facial studio which is used to remove black spots on the faces.

Start selling used clothes is hottest business and does not need a building necessarily and demands small capital. With money less $100 in some countries like Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi you are able to start without stresses.

Running a Restaurant is fast business as well and this one does not need expertise or much education. Every unmarried African lady can just woke up and start it as long as there are charcoals, plates, pots, flour and small money for startups to purchase relish, tomatoes, salt and cooking oil.

African woman can also start goods supplying business though needs a good amount of capital to begin. Capital of between $1000 to $10000 is needed for this business to be profitable. The unmarried African ladies can choose to import juices, soft drinks, spaghetti, clothes, beers, mesh and weaves, sugar, rice and even cooking oils. These items can be supplied to wholesale shop owners, and even retail shop owners.

Estate agent business is another kind that many do not remember as beneficial also. Ladies are the best in attracting customers easily and any lady can start this business without even request for a building or financial capital. This is best business once people know and trust you. African Connect Site discovered that as African Continent is developing at a speedy pace in terms of infrastructures.

Another business which can require a group of women is to run a dairy farming. In the grouping ladies can buy two or more cows and be able to generate enough income from it that can help to support themselves and their loved ones. 

Milk in Africa is on high demand and not many people are into this business hence the demand is very high. As milk is used to many various products like cheese, butter, yogurt, juice, biscuits, candy and many more products.

Starting a bakery business is simple as well for African unmarried ladies even those married ones. In bakery business you need small capital in finances where you buy baking powder, cooking oil, yeast and a bag of charcoals.

 After gathering such materials you plan what type of products you need to be baking. Some notable products are mandas, donuts, African bread (Chigumu), bread and many items you can think of.

African Connect list also a business of opening a bench in the market where unmarried ladies can sell items like banas, tomatoes, pears, mangoes, Irish potatoes, fish in small piles and even charcoals in small parked bags. 

This business is despised but it is a fastest business because everyone everyday needs to eat and those are household essentials. The capital for startups is about $50 to $100. The profit is small but the more you sell the more profit you make. There is no rush in success.

Buying a small freezes making machine useable in homes is another brilliant business idea. Freeze is loved by many people in African Continent due to its hot weather. Usually this small packed sachet is sold at small price like $0.09 and highly loved because of its flavor plus cooling bodies as it is always sold whilst it’s cold.

This article was discussing possible 10 businesses unmarried ladies can run stress free and without or with a small capital. African Connect blog discovered that African Continent is not poor but it’s people’s thinking capacities are dull.

In the businesses listed above there is no business that is demanding high expertise or skills to run them and also they only require a very small financial capitals.

This is a special message to every lady in African Continent whether married or not married or single mothers that it e time now to get rid of all the pride and get to work or start a business of there organizations willing to support you or government interventions should find you already doing something to keep you smart and surviving on your own.

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